Don Homan


Born in Philadelphia, Don Homan received his degree in physics from Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA. Already a practiced wood carver, he amused his college classmates by carving likenesses of several faculty members and went on to carve many remarkable representations of both colleagues and notable public figures such as famed physicist, Edward Teller shown above.

Don’s interest in carving started quite early when he carved a little wolf of about 2 inches in height, a carving he still keeps, for a boy scout merit badge. Captivated by the process of creation and discovery in wood carving, Don carved on and off throughout his career as a physicist ultimately producing hundreds of works and represented in galleries from Cambria to Mendocino along the California coast. A highlight of his early career was winning a bronze bowl for a first in sculpture at the Commerce Department art show in 1962 while working at the National Bureau of Standards in Washington, DC and meeting then-President Johnson who made a surprise visit to the show. Since then Don has won dozens of awards for his work and has been featured with his sculpture in many articles and publications.

Moving to the Bay Area in the 70’s, Don designed and participated in the building of his own custom solar home high in the hills above Livermore, California. Choosing an early retirement from Lawrence Livermore Labs where he worked for many years, Don turned his attention to sculpture and other creative pursuits full time. The studio he built on his property wraps around his two car garage and features a large workshop with a heavy machinery section as well as a pristine studio and gallery space where he welcomes collectors and guests to view his work.

In addition to sculpture and carving Don’s passion for wood led him to restore the two Ford Woodies shown above in exquisite detail, with the ’49 Ford being featured on the cover of the Woodie Times, May 2000. Also an avid Scottish Fiddler, Don starts his day with an hour or two of violin practice in the studio and has made fifteen violins as well, inspired by the challenge of creating both elegant and melodious polished wood instruments.

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Don Homan presenting a carved likeness to famed physicist Edward Teller at his 75th birthday party: