TaVee McAllister Lee

The Princess Project
at the Blue Line: Politically Charged

The Princess Project: Site specific installation of 246 Sleeping Beauties downloaded in 48 hrs. in October 2012,
UV treated epson ultrachrome ink digital prints reinforced with Bristol board. Spray coated foam core bases.

Viewer comment: “A beautiful instrument of coercion”

The Princess Project: Fairest of Them All, contains every head to toe image (of sufficient file size to print at the scale of approximately 7" high) of a little beauty found online in one 48 hour period using Google image search and a few specific search terms.

"I appreciate the irony of taking something so immediately available and fast, digital images returned on a Google Image Search, arriving within seconds of a query, and executing the project in a tangible form which was intensely time consuming and laborious. The process spanned several weeks, hundreds of hours and multiple experiments with materials in order to achieve the vision I had for the little beauties."
-  TaVee McAllister Lee

The Princess Project
at GearBox Gallery: Inner Room Installation